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How To Acquire A Good Warehouse Space To Rent

It can be a very good move and beneficial for a small or new business to lease or rent a warehouse. By renting a warehouse you will have a lot of benefits to your business. You will save money and provide a wide space for your office in your facility. The company will have potential for growth and flexibility due to the extra space in the building or office. However, there are things that you need to know when in search of such a facility.

The first thing that you need to know during your research is whether the warehouse has the provision of the storage facility that you are in need of. Take into considerations about the items that you need to store in the warehouse. Will you need electricity, water or temperature control? Are your intentions to run the business from the warehouse? You will only be allowed to store your goods by some warehouses without conducting any business at the facility. You may be having staff who will be working at the warehouse. You have to ensure they are in a good environment with restrooms, good ventilation and rooms where they will be taking their breaks. You can also get an office from some of the warehouses where you can meet with your client. If you have intentions of staying for a longer period, there are showers and couches so that you can have a good refreshing time.

The charges are usually base on the amount of square foot that you occupy. However, you can be charged a monthly rental fee if you are storing a few number of items. If you need to store you goods for a longer period, you are required to sign a lease which is usually from 6 moths or one year. You can consult the management if it is possible to customize you renting plan to have a warehouse constructed to meet the standards of your storage needs.

Take a good consideration about the safety of the facility. It should meet the code of all the construction aspects. You can ask if they have any intention of upgrading the construction plans to stay alert on the safety of your goods. The security need to be tight since you have kept all your fortune in the place. You can have discussion with the other clients about their feeling on the storage services they have been receiving. Do they meet their storage needs? If the landlord provides quality storage services, they can recommend you to rent for the space.

If you are expecting to a lot of receiving or shipment of your goods, the warehouse should be easily accessible to the major regions, roads, sea and through flights. The warehouse should be at a strategic point for ease of loading and offloading.

If you have acquired your own warehouse equipment, ensure that it is insured. Your items will not be covered by the landlord’s insurance and you may end up losing all your merchandise. Ensure you have your own separate insurance. The policy should be able to over for any injuries sustained by any of your employee while working at the warehouse.

Fully understand the lease documents before signing. There may be so hidden fee or expenses. Confirm with the landlord for any expense to avoid any disagreements in the future. Your attorney can look at the agreement for recommendation.

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