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Get to Know More About End of Life Doulas

To a lot of people, the term doula refers to a childbirth coach. But what you should know that the doulas are not just available when life starts but they can also help when the life of a person ends too. If you have not heard of this and you are not familiar with it, the end-of-life doula is one nonmedical professional who is trained to care for such terminally ill individual’s emotional, physical and also spiritual needs on the death process. While you may have actually heard of this kind of position in the healthcare field but there is actually a market for the death doulas. What you must know is that the role is actually also referred to as the end-of-life coach or a soul midwife, transition midwife or the death midwife.

Looking for a way for those patients to have such good death has certainly become more important in the medical community. In the previous year, the medical journal has devoted a whole issue to the communication on the end-of-life issues to guarantee that the patients’ end-of-life wishes would be realized.

What you actually have to know is that in the American culture, wherein a lot of the people die in the hospitals, the death has actually been routinely denied, removed from view or sterilized. When it comes to dying with the person who is terminally ill, it can relieve the anxiety for the participants when there is conversation and this can also help ensure that the final wishes about the treatment regarding the end of life are really followed or honored.

You also have to know that at present, there are a few organizations which actually administer the credentials for such death doulas that include the INELDA or the International End of Life Doula Association, the LDA or the Lifespan Doula Association and also the International Doulagivers Institute. You should know that the INELDA has actually trained about 900 end-of-life doulas in the US since the year 2005. Also, the organization is able to provide those personal certifications and training to those hospital staff members which would include the hospice workers. Aside from the popularity in the US, there is also a great interested about providing training in Asia.

Those individuals who are actually seeking such personal certification often go on in running their own businesses. The certification would also include attending such training session and then getting a credential. There are various requirements which include the hands-on work and also this must be completed for one to become certified. This will actually take the average person about six to nine months and this is very rigorous too.

Well, if you are in search for the right person who can help your loved one such as the end-of-life coach, then it is very important that you actually get the help of a really trained person who can help in coaching the dying regarding things to alleviate one’s worries and anxiety.

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