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How to Take Good Care of Your Designer Jewellery

If you are keen to look at what many women admire most in life, you may have realized that most of them can’t do without ornaments such as bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings, and necklaces. If you intend to buy any of the designer jewellery, you need to know how you should maintain it in good shape so that you can use for many days. If you go to buy that new designer jewellery, you should talk to the designer and ask them what you can do to keep the jewellery in good shape.

If you intend to go and buy some silver earrings or rings, you should ensure you know how to keep them dry since this is what the demands. It’s advisable to remover your designer jewellery as you go for your shower or find some ways to dry it after showering. It’s also important to ensure you remove your designer jewellery when going to the swimming pool since the chlorine in the water may corrode it in some ways.

Hot tubs are a great place for relaxation, but they may cause some damages to your jewellery since the chemical reaction is increased inside them. It’s also important to ensure that you apply your lotions and chemicals without having the designer jewellery since the chemicals in these creams may tarnish them. Many people don’t think about the luster of the silver jewellery they have, and they just wear ornaments before the products are dry, which is a big mistake.

You need to think about where you would store the jewellery you aren’t wearing since the maintenance you give them matters a lot. Most of the silver ornaments are known to get tarnished when exposed to air for a long time, and this has been proved many times. The bags where you keep the jewellery should be airtight, and it should also have anti-tarnish properties.

You are advised to ensure you don’t sweat a lot with your jewellery on or even expose it to the hot sun since these two factors deteriorate the quality of the ornament. You should leave the jewellery in the safe bag when going for some gym exercises or contact sports. Household chores should also be avoided when the ring is on the finger.

Many people use water to clean their jewellery, but this isn’t good since they should use the recommended product. You should use a microfiber cloth to clean them and not a paper towel. Clean the jewellery from the top side to the bottom, but don’t make those circular strokes since they are harmful.

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