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A Guide to Choosing Vape Flavors

By now, if you are regularly vaping, you would have chosen the vest vaping flavors for yourself. Whatever your reason for vaping is, know for sure that it is proven healthier than traditional smoking.

If you want to expand your selection of flavors, we will show you the different vaping flavors you can find in the market today.

If you love sweets, then you can easily find a vape juice flavor having the sweet taste you are craving for. You should try cookie dough, loaded glazed donut, and the Holy Cannoli French toast if you are a sweet loving vaper. You should also try their sweet breakfast flavors of milk with cookies, donuts, or loops. If you love desserts, then apple bread pudding flavor is something that you should try.

If you are an adventurer who loves to experiment with new and exotic tastes, then there are plenty of flavors waiting for you in the vape world. Out there somewhere, is the flavor that you might want to try.

You can find unique flavors like egg custard, pancakes, coconut cake and rocket pop.

If you cant find the flavor that you want available, then why not make it yourself? Here, you can read more about making your own vape juice.

You are lucky if you are a fruit lover. Fruit flavors are extremely popular on the vape market. Every fruit has a matching vape juice flavor to match. Fruit flavors like pineapple, strawberry, melon, guava, and ever dragonfruit are available for vaping.

If you vape fruit juice flavors, you can enjoy them for long periods. Whatever your mood is fruit flavors taste great in vape. You can get easily sick if you vape with other flavors if you vape them every day.

Vape juice flavors accommodate to anyone’s taste even vape juice that’s weird. Some go for fishy crab legs flavor, beer, or hotdog flavor. You will find plenty of weird tasting vape juices that you might also be able to enjoy.

You should consider other factors that will influence the flavor of the vape juice.

The level of nicotine is one important factor to consider that will affect the flavor of your juice. In order to determine the right amount of nicotine to use, you should know the number of cigarettes that you usually consume per day. So, if you don’t smoke more than half a pack of cigarette a day, then a nicotine level of around 6 mg will work well for you.

You also need to decide whether you would use propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). PG produces less vapor as it focuses more on flavor. VG doesn’t have strong flavor because it concentrates on the vapor. So, if you love practicing with a large vapor, then go for VG. If you are after the taste, then go for PG.

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