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Essential Marketing Automation Features a Marketing Software Should Have

Establish the goals you want to achieve using the marketing software or platform before you use on. Find a software seller that allows you to negotiate the price. It should secure the data of your organization. The software that is not easy for the stakeholders o the organization to use will need you to train them. It should have customizable features. There are essential marketing automation features the software should have.

Select a marketing software that can integrate email marketing. You should be able to use the software to send advertising emails such as newsletters and get a response from customers in time. The software should allow you to find out the results of your email marketing techniques, truck bounce rates and reduce them and the subscribers that the email from your organization.

It should have a feature to record the time the customers click on your website, the path they take to get to your blogs and where they bounce. You will determine what customers are looking for more on your website by understanding their behavior so that you eliminate blogs they do not click on frequently and add more of the blogs, products or any other thing they often access.

The software should enable you to use social media campaigns. You should be able to generate the customers’ social media feedback about your campaigns using the marketing software. The software should allow you to deal with complaints from customers on various social media platforms in real-time.

It should automatically send a series of promotional texts to your customers. You can draw the attention of customers to your advertisement faster when you use text messages instead of email and web advertising. You can directly market to your potential customers by getting mobile phone numbers of subscribers with particular characteristics that suit your audience from network providers.

The software should allow you to use blogging automation platforms. There should be a content management system in the software that enables you to schedule posts that will be posted later, get responses about your blogs and reply to their concerns on the dashboard automatically.

It should allow you to group your customers depending on their similarities. The segmentation will enable you to develop personalized ads for customers. There is so much information about customers on social media, mobile app, web transactions and others that you can use to segment customers.

You should not forget about determining the availability of analytics and reporting functionality in the software. It should analyze data from referral ads, PPC ads, connected TV ads and so on to help the marketing team make appropriate decisions. Select a software that has reporting tools that are advanced such as customizable reports to suit different stakeholders and a dashboard that can be shared when that stakeholders need to access the reports.

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