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Combat Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Noise induced hearing loss is a frustrating condition which you have to live with for the rest of your life. It leaves you with a hard time communicating with our loved ones, among other issues. It commonly afflicts soldiers and vets. As much as there are programs in place to help out, it is hard to go back to how things were. It is important to find out if you are a victim of the company 3M’s defective earplugs issued to help manage noise levels in combat situations.

Noise induced hearing loss is caused when loud noises for prolonged periods damage the hair cells in your ears. The hair cells in the inner ear are involved in moving sound waves through your ears to the auditory nerves. From there, the sound waves go to the auditory area of the brain to be translated and control the noise levels. You will know you have hearing loss when you see certain symptoms.

You, for example, may perceive muffled or distorted sound. You will not perceive the noise correctly, or you will strain to do so. It feels as though you are still wearing earplugs, or your head is in water. You will not know what sound that was. It can affect one or both ears. You will also know when you cannot understand speech. If there are background noises, it gets worse. It can also be as if our ears are full. Sound coming in shall be distorted and muffled. Tinnitus is one of the most common symptoms as well. This is when you hear sound when no sound has been produced. It can be a buzzing sound, ringing sound, clicking sound, hissing sound, and whistling sound, among others. You can feel it once, or it can always be there. It shall leave you with difficulty sleeping due to the noise interference, have headaches, feel dizzy and nauseous.

You will find tinnitus to be among the toughest symptoms to have. There are treatment programs set up for soldiers and vets in dealing with this situation. There are for example some medications that can help you deal with the sound levels you are perceiving. There will also be the treatment of the anxiety and depression that comes from handling this condition all the time. Counseling and support groups shall also be great for managing this situation. It is easier to talk to someone going through the same thing, especially when it gets rough.

It is hard living with noise-induced hearing loss. Where you or a loved one has such symptoms, there is something else you can do. should you have served in the military from 2003 to 2015, work the CAEv2 in high noise environments, and developed hearing loss or tinnitus, then you have the right to sue the company 3M. You can check out this site for more info.

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