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What You Should Have in Mind About Herniated Disc
There are a lot of functions that the spine offers in the body and these make it an important structure in the body. Such functions include breathing, enjoying life, feeling pain, movement and others. If there is an injury to the spine, it will be hard for one to move, bend, breathe, and even the sense of pain will be lost. There are often several cases of herniated disc from a car accidents and they often cause a lot of troubles to human lives. This herniated disc is often the source of back pains in people who had accidents or other cause and affects the general lives of the patients. Whenever you have some back pain or numbness and was involved in any injury occurrence, you could be having a herniated disc from a car accident.
You will need to learn more about such a condition so that you will know what’s expected of you.
Understanding a herniated disc from a car accident will help you to focus on the right medical treatment. You will not want to confuse a bulging disc and a herniated disc as that can lead to poor treatment.
Each type of the injuries have different symptoms and are very different which is important for you to travel in the right road to recovery. Bulging disc is as a result of pressure on the annulus of your spine that will then cause pain in parts that may be away from your back and this often cause frustration and confusion. The pain always occur at the site of the bulging and this isn’t the case with herniated disc from a car accident.
This type of injury is treated using appropriate medication, stretching and physical exercise and patients often recover completely.
A person who has a herniated disc from a car accident often feels a lot of pain compared to one with a bulging disc. Pressure that cause rupturing of the annulus is often what brings about a herniated disc. Such occurrence causes a lot of pain, numbness and weakness in the limbs. Most people who have always been lifting heavy loads or twisting their bodies may experience herniated disc and also can be caused by trauma as can be seen in herniated disc from a car accident. Fortunately, such conditions may be treated with the use of simple methods and no surgical procedures required. In the event that surgical procedures are necessary, the patients often recover fully in the long run. If you suspect that you have a herniated disc from a car accident, you should see a doctor for your back pain.